Sunday, October 3, 2010

Now it's for real...

Last Thursday I was informed via an email from one of my doctors that I have full privileges at both OPRMC and SMMC. It came across like this, "You have full privileges." Hmmm..I stood there for awhile looking at that email a little unbelieving and also slightly disappointed. I mean, don't get me wrong I am very excited about being an independent practitioner after working so hard for many years...but where were my flowers and my balloons? Okay, okay I know that's goofy and I know many practitioners get privileges every day, but this was my first time EVER. Oh well, I will just throw myself a little celebration with a glass of wine and a toast to my husband for getting me here.

Meanwhile, I was managing an induction of a woman who was having her fourth baby. The idea was that either a physician or one of my midwife cohorts would be in the room to observe my skills and to help with suturing as needed. When the patient was complete I called my doctor to let her know I would be catching soon. She said she would head over but she had one more patient to see and that she trusted I would be okay and to call if I needed assistance. So I caught...and afterward looked around the room and realized that was truly my first delivery without someone in the room or at the nurses station. I had written the orders, AROMed and caught baby without checking in with someone to make sure I was doing it right. I became giddy with this knowledge and yes, announced it to my patient and the nurses. They were witnesses to the birth of a new midwife. The most amazing part to me that while there is always a healthy dose of apprehension with every birth, I was not scared or fearful. I knew I could do this..what an amazing feeling!

So dear midwifery students (if you are reading this)..know that all your efforts, all that time away from family and all those moments of fear during a birth..will be worth it! You will know what to do and it will be amazing..

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